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Adorabalds Sphynx Cattery, Breeders of High Quality Sphynx Cats

Nearly Twenty-four years ago, in 1994, we started Autumn Home Adult Care which is a care home where we specialize in caring for people with Dementia. In 2011, we started a mission project for the well-being of us all, especially our residents. We started with a pair of furless cats known as "Sphynx" and we dedicated them to the Lord for His Glory by giving 100% of the money we receive from the sale of the first kitten of each litter of kittens to mission work (1-day schools) and then 10% of the money from the rest of the litter is used for local Schools and/or other youth programs like Pathfinders, Adventures, Big Brother Big Sister, etc...
In the meantime, our residents are allowed the privilege of seeing, loving and helping raise the kittens from birth till they get to be about 14-18 weeks old, at which point then the kittens go to their new homes. The Lord has tremendously blessed our efforts in that our residents are so much more peaceful, calm and are happier since we introduced these kitties into our care home and into our lives. We are also grateful that we are able to help out with continuing God’s mission work both here at home and abroad, especially to our future generations, so they can continue on spreading the blessed news of salvation to all those who will open their minds and hearts to this amazing gift which has been given to us; if we would just accept it!

Below are some pictures of a few schools that we have had the privilege of helping build by sending money for the materials from the sale of these precious kitties.